Service Strategy
1. After the customer provides the sample book for quotation, the cutting line of the book, product specifications, paper information, and surface treatment, our company will give a quotation.
2. If the customer thinks our company's price is right, the customer needs to send us the book file (PDF format or AI format) for sample production. There are two types of sample production, one is white sample (formed pop-up book, but the pages are blank without printed patterns), and the other is color sample (complete pop-up book with patterns). White sample proofing is free, and color samples need to be paid (generally the first color sample fee can be deducted from the bulk purchase price when placing an order, but if there are subsequent modifications and the second proofing is made, the second color sample fee will be charged. The sample fee cannot be deducted from the large payment). The sample production time varies according to the process difficulty of the product, and the sample is generally produced within 7-12 days.
3. After the customer confirms the sample, if you need to modify the details and re-print the color sample, you need to charge the second sample fee.
4. After the customer confirms the final sample and decides to place an order, sign the contract with our company, and provide the copyright certificate of the book and the printing power of attorney to our company for the record of the book at the Press and Publication Bureau, so that the customs declaration can be smooth when shipping. After the two parties sign the contract, the customer pays the deposit. After receiving the deposit, our company starts to purchase paper and print.
5. Before the shipment of bulk goods, a certain number of bulk samples can be sent for inspection at the request of the customer, or the customer can send someone to inspect the goods.
6. After the customer's inspection is OK, our company will carry out the shipping process (the shipping method is usually FOB Shenzhen).
7. After the customer pays the final payment, our company will provide the bill of lading for the customer to receive the goods.
After the customer's acceptance, within 15 days after the acceptance, it is found that the goods have quality problems such as missing pages, missing prints, and misprints. Our company will return or replace them. In addition, our company has also set up an after-sales service hotline. If customers have any questions, they can directly contact the person in charge, Ms. Shen (Tel: 13556111155, Email:
When the goods have product quality, quantity or other problems, we will do our best to solve them in the shortest time.

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